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... when life was simple.

A Marauders RPG

Accio, Lost Era!
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Accio, Lost Era!
The lost era is more commonly known as the Marauders' era, in which Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs roamed the moving staircases when in their 6th year.

This is a roleplay community. Roleplay for what, exactly? The lost era, of course! Not much is known of the past, but remain canon. In other words, Severus cannot be James' best mate and Sirius cannot love his family to pieces.

Slash? It's welcomed with open arms as long as you remember certain babies must come bouncing along.

Need an icon? IM toujours pur JB and she'll give you an idea of a person to use on your icon, or create an icon for use. No anime icons, please.

Want to apply? Send the form to cruciatus@your-house.com OR AIM it to toujours pur JB. Actually, using AIM is preferred considering Jackie's email server is a whore ^^;;

Application Form
AIM screenname:
Character you want:
Character's House:
Character's Year:
Death Eater, Against Voldemort or neutral?:
Other Information:
Blood(pureblood, muggle-born, etc.):
Romantic Interests(canon and personal preference):
Sample Journal Entry(1st Person):
Sample Roleplay Entry(3rd Person):

Remember, be literate =)

1] Cussing is allowed. Why? It's dramatic ^^
2] Remain canon
3] Post atleast once a week. Inactivity isn't groovy.
4] Everything OOC goes in the OOC community. (ale_ooc)
5] All owls being sent go in the owls community. (ale_owls)
6] Be literate and creative.

Alice _____
_____ Avery
Ludo Bagman
Otto Bagman
Sirius Black
Broderick Bode
Amelia Bones
_____ Crabbe
Bartemius Crouch Jr.
Amos Diggory
Benjy Fenwick
Mundungus Fletcher
Cornelius Fudge
_____ Goyle
Davy Gudgeon
Rolanda Hooch
Bertha Jorkins
_____ Jugson
Igor Karkaroff
Frank Longbottom
Walden MacNair
_____ Mulciber
_____ Nott
Peter Pettigrew
Irma Pince
Sturgis Podmore
Poppy Pomfrey
_____ Quirrell
Augustus Rookwood
Kingsley Shaklebolt
Rosmerta _____
Ted Tonks
_____ Travers
Dolores Umbridge
Emmaline Vance
_____ Wilkes

Albus Dumbledore
Minerva McGonagall
Bloody Baron
Nearly Headless Nick
Arthur Weasley
Molly Weasley
Mrs. Black

[5th Year]Bellatrix Black - hauntedsmirk
[5th Year]Regulus Black - alphaleonis
[5th Year]Rudolphus Lestrange - rudolph_l
[6th Year]Severus Snape - slythseverus
[6th Year]Narcissa Black - narcissablack_
[6th Year]Lucius Malfoy - lucius__
[6th Year]Rabastan Lestrange - shed_my_blood
[6th Year]Evan Rosier - rosier
[7th Year]Andromeda Black - lady_black_star

[6th year]Remus Lupin - __remus
[6th Year]Lily Evans - gilded_lily
[6th Year]James Potter - snitching
[7th Year]Gilderoy Lockhart - _magicalme_

[7th Year]Sybill Trelawney - ihavethesight

[7th Year]Rita Skeeter - ritathereporter