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Rodolphus Lestrange

CHARACTERS: Rabastan and Rudolphus Lestrange.
SETTING: Slytherin Common Room.
SUMMARY: Rabastan is hurt and Rudolphus wonders if he needs a hair cut.

Rudolphus ventured into the Slytherin common room, relieved when he saw that it was practically empty. Tired and listless after a day of typically boring classes, he sank down into one of the overstuffed sofas and flipped through a book someone had left on one of the glass tables.

Rabastan stepped quietly out of the dorm rooms, relaxed, his hair a bit messy, apparently waking from a quick afternoon nap. His make up was a bit faded, but still contrasted violently with his very pale complexion. 'Please let this be a quiet afternoon' he pleaded inwardly, as he paced into the common room, hoping to sit by the fire and spend some time sinking in his thoughts. And so he did, but stopped dead in his tracks when coming face-to-face with a figure he came to memorize. The gleam in his eyes dissolved into coldness. "Rudolphus." He stated, not inquired, in a bitter tone.

Rudolphus avoided his brother's glance. He figured the older boy was annoyed that he hadn't bothered to seek him out since the start of school, but in truth he'd simply forgotten. Besides, he was a bit intimidated by the 6th and 7th years and tried to stay as much out of their way as possible. "Oh, hi!" he replied in a cheery tone. "Where have you been?" He hoped his brother wouldn't bring his absence up.

The older teen held his place, not fazed, keeping his gaze steady upon his younger sibling. His eyebrows narrowed slowly, in a slight, displeased frown as he reached up with a hand to flip his hair behind his shoulders. "My. I am surprised you speak to me. You actually care?" He asked indifferently, a brow raising up in interrogation, as a cruel smirk sketched itself upon his lips. Yes, he wanted to hurt the boy, if only slightly. Had he no idea how much he tried to seek him out? How much it had hurt -him-? "I've been here and around..."

Rudolphus hesitated at his brother's smirk. "Oh ... right. Well, how have your classes been so far? Mine have been dreadful. And Rab, do you think my hair needs trimming?" he asked, frowning a bit and fingering the hair at the nape of his neck.

Rolled eyes came as an answer to the last question. He never did cut his hair, and it was now reaching beyond his shoulders. "No, it's fine. I don't hear it complaining." His hands balled into fists by his side, tightly. Was he hearing what he thought he was? No excuses, not even comments. Only how his fucking classes had been? Like it matters! Doesn't he know… or does his brother just... not care?

Rudolphus sighed. He knew his brother was angry and there was really no reason to keep pretending he didn't ... it would only make the boy angrier. "Look ... I hope you're not cross with me. It's just, I didn't want to be tagging along after you, I figured it would only annoy you. And then, what with classes, it just slipped my mind to hunt you out. You know how bad I get," he joked, pointing to his head. "You're not mad with me, are you?" he asked, searching his brother's eyes for anything hidden.

"I'm not mad. Of course I'm not fucking mad!" He hissed out, his eyes flaring up. Were it anyone else but Rudolphus... but they were not, and despite his knuckles turning white and trembling slightly, he tamed his anger unbelievably well. He closed his eyes, sighing in regret. It hurt so damn much. Why did he have to care? "So I just... slipped your mind, is it so?" he paused. He had owled and searched around for his brother up and down. Of course, little jade could take care of himself. He for 15 for Christ's sake! Yet... "I understand." He finally breathed out, a hint of sadness passing through the 2 words, yet his hands still balled tightly, standing for a sign that he was lying.

Rudolphus' eyes widened. His brother was rather frightening when he was mad. "Then ... come sit down, won't you?" he asked, gesturing to the sofa. "I really do think my hair needs to be cut. Some Hufflepuff pouf teased me about it this morning, can you believe that? I would have shoved him down a toilet or hexed him or something but we were in class and of course the git had to be surrounded by his little friends, even I'm not so stupid as to do something in front of a professor, you know? Although there was that time when I ..." he rambled on, trying to fill the silence. "Anyway, will you cut it for me? I don't trust anyone else, they might think it was funny to leave me half-bald."

Rab took a sit on the sofa, half reluctantly, his head tilting to gaze at the younger boy, his hands falling softly onto his own lap. He listened to him babble, a smile menacing to tug at his lips. Slowly, hesitatingly he raised a hand and stroked the top of his brother's head affectionately. Whatever they said, he was so innocent. How did he get sorted into Slytherin? A trademark insane grin broke onto his face as he watched him, amused. "Perhaps. I don't guarantee anything. How about a Mohawk? " Rabastain broke into a fit of none-sense cackles, taking out his wand from his pocket slowly. His bad mood seemed to have disappeared as soon as it had come. "Do tell me who this Hufflepuff is, and I'll make sure they are barely breaking enough to sustain their mutilated limbs."

Rudolphus giggled. "Do you really think it would suit me? And never mind about the Huffle, I'll get him sooner or later. Does that mean you will cut my hair? And tell me about your classes." The good thing about Rabastan was that he never seemed to hold a grudge long, at least not with Rudolphus.

"Oh yeah, badass." He smirked, although he had a feeling it wouldn't really be suitable. In mock displeasure, he muttered. "You disappoint me. My brother doesn't have it in him. Ah... I'll have to live with that disturbing thought." He pondered for a moment, running his fingers through his brother's hair idly. It felt silky to the touch, pleasantly. "School? It's alright. I have found interesting lecture in the library. Potter is always his ego-filled arrogant prick. Lockhart simply disgusts me with his pretty boy attitude. And this Ravenclaw girl predicted that I will die in flames." He sneered at the thought, shaking his head. "It could have at lest been bloody. Why do others get all the fun?"
"I'm simply peachy, aren't I?" He grinned flirtaciously, shrugging the subject off. He was not too fond of discussing what was bothering him, rather botteling it up inside of his mind, until he was alone at night. Well, back to square one. Cut hair? ...He wasn't going to do this the muggle way, was he?

Rudolphus laughed. "Of course, you would want blood. I assure you, burning to death is extremely painful. Remember that time my sock caught fire? I thought my very skin was being ripped off." Sobering, he nodded. "Yeah, I'd appreciate it. Do you want sissors? Or will a good severing charm do the trick? Just promise me you won't leave me looking like something out of a freak show!" he said, punching his brother in the arm good-naturedly.

"That sounds strangely alluring..." the answer came. Was the 6th year turning into a Pyro now? It wouldn't be surprising... "Hey!" Glaring teasingly at the punch, Rabastan broke into a wider grin, tacking Rodolphus down, while pinning his body underneath him, on the sofa. "Pff. What do they teach fifth years these days? You could be Pixie bait." He slowly set himself up, sending back a few looks to the 2 Slytherin girls that also occupied the room, waving his hand in a shaking fashion for them to get back to their business. Regretfully, they complied. He snarled down at his younger brother, a brow raised curiously. "Freak show? Are you implying something?" he asked, while taking out his wand.

Rudolphus scowled. "Pixie bait? I'm not small, you know that! In fact, I'm taller than most boys in my year!" he insisted, struggling to get up. To his brother's last comment, he added , "You know I like your whole ... look, Rab," he said, gesturing at the other boy's person. "It's just kind of ... not me," he added, chuckling.

"You're Pixie bait because you simply cannot protect yourself. You're defenseless." Rad chuckled under his breath. "As for commenting my looks, I would not expect anything else than drop dead gorgeous." The tip flickered of his wand a light color, and with a soft flick of his wrist, slashed through the air, watching as Rudolphus' hair slowly fell on his shoulders, leaving it an inch shorter. "Didn't know of any charm." He excused himself, shrugging. Wincing, he gazed over at his 'work', hopeful that he did not cut through the thin layer of skin.

Wait. He was excusing himself? Suddenly something seemed to click inside his mind, as he jolted up. "Hell. I have to run." He looked terribly sorry for a moment, then stared at the wooden clock in obvious distaste. "I expect seeing you later." The raven hair ordered, storming out of the room.

Rudolphus gave his brother an astonished look before shrugging and returning to the book on his lap.

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