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CHARACTERS: Bellatrix Black and Severus Snape
SETTING: Trophy room
RATING: PG for simple teenage notions.
SUMMARY: Bellatrix meets Severus in the trophy room to know what he was going on about and doesn't exactly get the answer she expected.

Bellatrix stood inside the trophy room, brow quirked and a smug look resting upon her face. She glanced about, folding her arms as a chill ran down her spine. The pureblood was curious as to what Severus was going on about, and it wasn't suiting her headache well.

Eventually she decided it was late, and she should be getting back to the dorms. Bellatrix heaved a sigh, taking a step out of the trophy room.

Severus hurried down the coridor towards the trophy room, uncertain precisely why he was even doing this. It wasn't as if he really wanted to ask Bella why she'd made sarcastic comments about his hot body or if they meant anything because of course they didn't and he really just wanted to be in his dormitory, his nose in a potions text. He turned the corridor and nearly ran into Bella as she stepped outside of the room. 'Oof,' he blinked. 'Bellatrix. Sorry,' he flushed deep red. 'I didn't see you.'

The brow lifted went a bit higher, and Bellatrix gave him a casual smile."It's perfectly fine. No harm done."

'Right, sorry I'm late,' he added, feeling awkward and wanting to run the other direction. This had been a day to see entirely too many people. He really, really just wanted to return to his dormitory.

She nodded, looking at the floor."So, what's on your mind?"

Severus hesitated. 'Just... you know, not really anything.'

"Oh really? You wouldn't lie to me, would you?" Bellatrix tilted her head slightly, curious.

'No!' He said quickly. 'I mean... I just was upset a bit or... no not really upset...' he continued in the same rushed tone.

'JustHurtBecauseYouSaidYouWouldn'tKissMeAndYouMadeFunAndIReallyShouldn'tBeHereSoI'llGoNow.' He turned away from her, face flushing and wondering how he managed to get himself into these situations. He should be better guarded than this.

She grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving, a smirk forming."Severus, do you honestly think I'd tell a Gryffindor that I'd kiss you any day? Be sensible."

He kept his eyes on the ground, not going to look at her. He'd already embarrassed himself too many times today there was just no point in doing so further. 'Well, it's what you said,' he said defencively. 'How am I supposed to know what you mean if it isn't what you say?'

"Then listen to what I say now. I played it off as sarcasm, because I don't fancy rumours too much. I would kiss you, so don't think that I wouldn't. I just didn't want Potter to know that."

'You would kiss me?' he said a bit too eagerly, and then chided himself silently. 'I mean... It was just an act then to get rid of Potter?'

'Not that I really care, or anything.'

"Of course you don't care. But, yes, it was said to get rid of Potter."

'Oh,' he said shrugging. 'Right. Well. that's all right then. I said it wasn't important, just me being...' he trailed off wishing desperately that he was better about hiding things. He was going to have to work on that.

Bellatrix lifted a finger about an inch from his lips, chuckling."Shh. You're beginning to trail off."

He swallowed, lifting his eyes to meet hers. 'Yeah. I guess I am.'

"Why do you seem so nervous?" She brushed a lock of brown hair away from an eye, a slight grin starting to form.

'I'm... I'm not nervous,' he stammered, taking a step backwards. 'I'm just... just... '

She placed a hand on her hip, standing up straight."Just what?"

Bellatrix nodded, not really believing the boy."Right."

'Right,' he said uncomfortably. 'I don't mean to imply... that I wanted to kiss you either. Or... I mean... I wouldn't not want to kiss you. I just...' He let out his breath in frustration. 'It really wasn't nearly so much of a secret as I made it out to be so... I'm just being really ridiculous and I probably shouldn't keep you any longer.'

"You couldn't be ridiculous if you tried, but, yeah, it's a bit late."

'Right,' Severus said, feeling a bit odd. They were both going back to the same dormitory, he should probably offer to walk with her. 'You want to walk with me back to the dorm?' He asked uncertainly.

She nodded slightly, looking at him."Sure."
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