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Lily/Severus log

CHARACTERS: Lily Evans and Severus Snape
SETTING: Library
RATING: Um. *snicker* PG. So inappropriate, I know.
SUMMARY: Lily has a sucky go at turning an egg back into a bird. Severus helps her a bit, then they dislike each other again after an argument. Wooo.

Severus gathered all of his books and things stuffing them into a bag trying not to think about all the insults that had came his way regarding his looks. He should be used to it by now. He really should be. But he wasn't, not really. And regardless of how much he tried to ignore it, he was envious of Black's bloody good looks and the ways all the girls followed him about. He walked quickly to the library, and upon reaching it, he pushed open the doors, walking straight through to his normal spot-a small wooden table hidden between the potion books stacks. He sat down and begin to spread out his parchment and books.

Lily was near the back corner of the library, pouring over a Transfiguration book, her brow furrowed slightly in her concentration. It was quite nice to get away from the Slytherins' unrelenting idiocy and sarcastic remarks. Of course, she wasn't so terrible at sarcasm herself, but it did get tiresome after awhile, having to constantly defend herself. She was also glad the library was empty, or so she thought. She was free from James Potter and his frightening obsessions, and there was no one to see how pitiful she could really be in Transfiguration. "Modus appellandi," she instructed, pointing her wand at the egg in front of her. It began to emit a rather foul odor, and she winced and flipped hurriedly forward in her text. What had she done wrong? She'd said the spell correctly...

Severus was in the middle of a paragraph on Boomslang skins when a foul odor drifted towards him. He wrinkled up his nose, used to smells from potions, but not particularly appreciating the sudden appearance of one while he was attempting to concentrate on school work. He glared at the books and then turned his head back to the text trying to concentrate on the words in front of him. Finding it impossible as every time he breathed, he was breathing in the smell of... rotten eggs? Irritated, he stood, and went to track down the source of the smell and hopefully hex it into oblivion. Stalking through the stacks, he stopped short when he saw Lily.

He frowned, looking at the egg in front of her, it was very clearly the sources of the problem. A small smirk on his face, he stepped up towards her. 'Evans, trying to run all living souls out of the library so you can have the books to yourself?'

Lily glanced up when she heard someone approach, and instantly flushed a pale pink in her embarrassment. "Yes, that's it," she recovered herself quickly, snapping slightly in her haste. "I'm trying to run everyone out. I haven't had peace for days, especially with Potter around." The egg cracked slightly, and Lily winced and pulled her textbook out of harm's way.

Severus hesitated a moment, before pulling his wand out of his pocket and muttering 'reparo' at the egg. 'What were you trying to do with it?'

He'd laugh at her, she realized. "Trying to transfigure it back into a bird," she sighed. "I'm not sure I have the right spell." That was a lie. She was simply terrible at transfiguration. She braced herself for the laughter that was sure to come, and mustered a cutting remark in reply.

A hundred sarcastic responses to that flitted through his mind, but Severus stared at the egg a minute and then glanced back at Lily. Then, glanced behind him. The library had been apparently empty when they came in and there was nobody back here in the corner to see him talking to a mudblood. He took a step forward and slipped his wand back in his robe pocket. 'What spell did you use?' He asked her, his voice surprisingly calm for the sudden rush of adrenaline that had just swept over him. If one of his housemates saw him talking to Lily Evans, there would be hell to pay, but at the moment, he wasn't certain he cared.

"Modus appellandi." She couldn't quite keep the puzzled look from her face. What was he going to do? Blow the egg up in her face instead? In that case, she had a few words (and hexes) for him- Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts were her best subjects. Out of slight suspicion, she ran a thumb over her wand.

He frowned and picked up the egg, wrinkling up the nose at the smell. 'That's the right spell,' he said, putting the egg back down on the desk and stepping back. 'Try it again, I'll see what you're doing wrong.'

Lily hesitated. She was certain he wouldn't be this civil if anyone else was present in the library. She didn't bother casting a glance around, however. SHE didn't mind if she was caught talking to a member of the "rival house." Instead, she narrowed her green eyes and considered him for a moment. "All right," she agreed, still keeping her gaze on him even as she raised her wand and pointed it at the egg. Here was the part where the egg flew into pieces and covered everything in sight with a terrible smell. She snapped her attention to the egg. "Modus appellandi," she commanded, hoping against hope that nothing embarrassing would happen. Unfortunately, the world wasn't on her side at the moment. The egg rolled over once, ominously, and the smell only worsened.

Severus stifled a snicker by coughing and covering his nose and mouth with his hand, waving his other one to wave the smell away. 'Your wand movement is all wrong,' he said, blinking and reaching over to set the egg up right again. 'Here,' he pulled his own wand out of his pocket and held it in his left hand, swishing it and saying clearly 'Modus appellandi.' The egg shuddered and then begin the subtle shifts required to return it to its original bird shape. It stopped short of becoming a complete bird however, the feet remaining rather rounded and like pale egg shells. And Severus frowned, a bit embarrassed. 'Well, it helps when you know what type of bird it was to begin with,' he said shortly. 'But you get the idea.'

Lily averted her gaze quickly, though she couldn't keep a tiny smile from her lips. He wasn't a natural, but he was good at it. She wasn't sure she ought to be smiling at him, so she worked to make it disappear. "Oh," she said finally, looking over at him again. "Well. That explains it. My wand movement." She slid her wand back into her robe pocket, though she kept it at a favorable distance, a wry smile in place. "You aren't going to hex me?"

'Why would I hex you?' Severus raised an eyebrow. 'Unless, you want me too and then I suppose I can provide.'

Lily shook her head. "I don't want you to. I'm sure I'll be getting hexed enough in later life." She cocked her head slightly to the side. "And as for your question, I don't know. You're one of two Slytherins who doesn't seem very willing to send me to an early grave."

Severus shrugged. 'You don't bother me, therefore I'm not going to bother you. Despite what everyone seems to think, I'm not really out to just hex everyone in my path.'

Lily decided to trust him and removed her hand from her robe pocket. "I didn't say you were. It's just unusual to find...a peaceful Slytherin, if you will." Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Especially with me being a Muggleborn. I'm not sure it's even safe to walk the corridors without a wand anymore."

'Everyone's a stereotype until you get to know them,' he said evenly. 'You're a mudblood. But you just accepted my help rather graciously. And I'm obviously a Slytherin, but here I've just gone and surprised you. So, we're both surprised.' He shifted from one foot to another, rather awkwardly and glancing over his shoulder to make certain there still wasn't anyone there.

Lily's hand went back to rest over her robe pocket. "Don't call me a Mudblood." She realized he was still looking about and frowned. "What, worried your reputation will degenerate if one of your housemates sees you talking to me?"

He scowled slightly. 'That a problem?' he asked her. 'sorry,' he muttered at the ground. 'I'm just used to... never mind. I didn't mean to bother you. Besides, I wasn't looking for one of my housemates. I was just making certain one of YOUR housemates wasn't sneaking up behind me to hex me while you were keeping my attention,' he lied, a trifle embarrassed to admit that her guess was correct.

"Yes, that's a problem." She sighed. "My housemates aren't stupid enough to hex anyone in front of me. Your housemates do it often enough, though. I caught one last night...Rookwood, I think he was. There's been a definite increase in hexing lately. And sneaking around." She was careful not to meet his eyes as she bent to close the transfiguration book.

Severus shrugged lightly. 'You're a prefect, you're probably just noticing it more than you used to. Look, I'm keeping you from studying. Also, if someone saw us talking, I'd probably get hashed. I should go.'

Lily straightened, the book held in one arm. "Right, go on if you have to. I'm leaving anyway. And I think I saw that some Slytherins were coming to meet here anyway, so it's just as well." She frowned. "And I know I'm not just noticing it more than I used to. It isn't going to end well, whatever it is." She offered the bird her arm, and it stepped lightly onto her sleeve.

Severus stared at the bird, his face a study in conflict, finally he shrugged once more. 'Right, well whatever. Is it a Gryffindor characteristic to be gloom and doom?'

"No. It's a Gryffindor characteristic to pry and have instinct," she retorted. "I've seen you around with the lot I'm talking about. They've got the same beliefs that that new dark wizard does. Voldemort, wasn't it?" Lily frowned slightly, choosing her words carefully. "They're heading for the wrong side, and it doesn't look like they're going to turn back." She turned to go, feeling more paranoid about the current situation than she had before.

Severus felt annoyance with her rising. 'Voldemort has some good ideas you know,' he said quickly. 'I've heard a lot of alk this summer. And it's not just a minority of wizards that think so. Times are changing and while your lot of Gryffindor buddies plays with hexes and day dreams the rest of understand what's at stake here. So... just...' Severus hesitated, words not coming easily. He swallowed, and suddenly was frustrated with himself for even considering a Mudblood pretty or worth talking to. 'Just sod off,' he said finally, an irritated tone. 'Have fun with that 'having insinct' thing.' He reached in his pocket to make certain his wand was there as he stalked off to gather up his books suddenly realizing that he just wanted a quiet corner in his dormitory to study after all.

"Voldemort doesn't have any good ideas. He's a cold-blooded killer," Lily replied coolly, freezing in place. "He's wiping out innocent people because he wants power and control. That's what all dark wizards do, and that's how all their followers become." With that, she walked briskly out of the library, disgusted with herself for ever thinking she could get along with a Slytherin.

Severus stopped, he turned and watched her disappear out the library door and he closed his eyes. He'd just royally fucked that up. He could go after her, but it was likely someone would see him talking to her in the hall and then he'd be in trouble. And he wasn't so stupid to not realize that it wouldn't be JUST his house it'd be Potter and Black too if they discovered it. Plus, it was her who was out of hand really, wasn't it? After all, she was exagurating the point completely. Voldemort didn't kill people. He wanted to make the Wizarding World a better place-and if that meant some coersion, then... that's what it meant. Typical Gryffindor and Mudblood. WHAT was he thinking? He determinedly packed his books in his bag, slung it over his shoulder and left the library without looking back.
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