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Bellatrix and Regulus plot against Potter.

Characters: Bellatrix Black and Regulus Black
Setting: Library
Rating: maybe PG for a bit of language? Probably not. *shrug*
Summary: Bellatrix and Regulus discuss what to do about rumour-spreading-Potter...

Regulus made his way to the libarary. He was rather interested in what his cousin wanted to speak to him about. He glanced around and gave a particularly nasty glare to a few random Hufflepuffs before finally spotting her. He walked over to her table and sat down next to her. "Hello Bellatrix," he smiled lazily at her and leaned his elbow on the table.

Bellatrix quirked a brow taking a quick hit of the cigarette she had strategically placed in the sleeve of her robes. Her head lifted to look at her cousin directly, a slight smirk upon her face."Hello Regulus. I wasn't exactly expecting you so soon. Your punctuality is impressive."

"Of course. Did you expect any less? Now what is it that you wanted to discuss? Nothing depressing I hope, this term is already off to an annoying start," Regulus said in a rather bored voice. He brushed a strand of hair out of his eyes.

"Me? Discuss something depressing?" Bellatrix released a small scoff, looking away."I kind of wanted to discuss the little rumours that are flying about. The ones about me dating Severus which is of course not true, not that I'd say no to him."She cupped a hand over her mouth."You didn't hear that. Anyway, to discuss the punishment of the little git in charge of the rumours ..."

Regulus raised an eyebrow. "Didn't hear that..of course not. And yes. Who was it that started the rumours? Was it Sirius or Potter?" he asked, smirking deviously. He was definately in the mood to hex something after his infuriating conversation with Evans.

"It was Potter, amazingly enough. I would think Sirius would do something more stupid," Bellatrix said.

"I think Potter'd look nice with a face full of boils. Maybe then he'd stop snogging his reflection? Probably not. But it'd be a good laugh anyway," he said.

"As though he isn't horrid-looking already? I love the way your mind works. It'd be a great laugh. Not good, great. Evans may date him if he were down to her appearance level," she said.

"I'd like to give her a nice pair of donkey ears to go with that voice of hers. I swear everytime that mudblood opens her mouth all that comes out is braying," Regulus scowled at the thought of Lily. "Except that would make Potter want her more. And he's already sickening as it is."

"A farm animal would bray, Regulus. That's her equivalent." She yawned slightly, sitting up."Sickening isn't the half of it."

Regulus snickered rather loudly and shot a bored look at the librarian, who'd turned to glare at him for being too loud. "You really are too amusing, Bellatrix."

"I am? I was unaware."Bellatrix grinned, casting the librarian a glare.

"So when will we be boiling to speak?" Regulus asked with a grin. This was going to be very fun.

"As soon as possible would be perfect. It may require forgery, though," she said.

"Forgery? Do explain. Although it's not as though I'd planned to hide behind a suit of armor and hex the git. That's much too risky," he said.

"Forgery as in one of us writes an owl to Potter posing as Evans, Lupin, or Sirius telling him to meet us somewhere, then we hex him," Bellatrix said.

"Brilliant. It'd be very easy for me to forge Sirius' handwriting I think. But he'd sooner rush off blindly to meet Evans. Do you think you could copy her handwriting?" Regulus asked.

"I'm quite positive I could. It wouldn't be difficult," she replied.

"You'll have to somehow get your hands on a piece of her writing...Maybe borrow notes from her? She thinks she's pretty smart," he said.

"It may look suspicious coming from me, though. However, I'll gladly do such," she said

"You'll figure out a way to get her notes. You're more clever than she is," Regulus smiled lazily at his cousin. "Just let me know when you've sent the letter to Potter and then we'll give him his well deserved ...makeover."

"I most certainly will."Bellatrix smiled deviously.
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