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Regulus Black

Regulus and Sibyll RP log

Characters: Regulus Black and Sibyll Trelawney
Rating: PG probably
Setting: North Tower
Summary! Regulus tries to get more tutoring out of Sibyll.

Regulus felt like pulling his hair out. But he could NOT fail any classes or his mother would never let him hear the end of it, not to mention Sirius would probably tease him about it. He stalked off to the North Tower, hoping this time would go a little better. He actually had read most of Sibyll's notes and copied some of the crap actually made sense now. But apparently he wasn't doing as well as he thought if Trelawney thought he needed help. He walked into the classroom, a displeased look on his face.

Sibyll smiled eerily and closed her book on Palmistry as she stood, spreading her arms out wide and jingling with every movement. "Welcome to the North Tower." she said in what she hoped was a mysterious tone. She had been practicing it for a rather long while in hopes of frightening the younger years into understanding the Sight.

Regulus just glared at her, unimpressed by her dramatic gesture. "Start tutoring already," he said impatiently and crossed his arms over his chest, not bothering to take a seat.

Sibyll scowled and adjusted her long skirt as she sat down, making sure it flowed in a most Seer-like fashion. The life of a Seer was truly difficult, what with the bangle adjusting and third eye tapping and skirt fixing. She held out her hand as if to beckon something forward. "We'll start with Palmistry. Give me your hand, then."

Regulus went over to her and sat down in front of her. He held out his hand a bit reluctantly. "Fine."

"This," Sibyll began, running her fingertip across one of the lines on his hand. "Is your Head line. It shows how a person thinks. I do have Notes on the entire matter but I fear," she glared at him. "That you would just burn them again if I allowed you to have them."

"Good thinking," Regulus smirked slightly. "Go on then. Tell me how I think." He knew Divination was a bunch of tripe, he'd only taken it because it was supposed to be easier than Arithmancy.

"Well." Sibyll scowled, tilting her head to the side as she studied his palm. "I See that you happen to have a line that starts under your index finger, thus suggesting you have a brilliant mind." She paused. "I do not Foresee brilliance in your future!" she added as an afterthought.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Regulus was now utterly confused. She'd just contradicted herself completely. What a nut case.

"It means I wish you Numerous painful Rashes and Much Angst, young Regulus Black!" Sibyll announced, shaking her hand and creating a medley of sound before scowling once more and dropping it. She continued inspecting his palm as though nothing had happened. "You have a Fire Hand which means you rather Like to be in Control of people."

Regulus blinked and gave her a warning look. "All right. What else then? ...And no more wishing I had rashes, thanks." This was ridiculous. Regulus glanced down at his palm again to see whatever it was she was going to point out next.

"I do Hope you realise this is All material on the next Exam." Sibyll muttered in a pointed tone, crossing her legs and leaning forward as she stared down at his palm. "You have no Apollo Line. This is Most unfortunate as it Announces your Achievements. It means you have Many talents but are Master of None!"

"Oh. Interesting," Regulus feigned interest. He had some idea of what she was talking about and could remember some of the diagrams from the text.

"I am Starting to think you do not Care about Divination. You are Most rude, indeed!" Sibyll shrieked, throwing his hand down and standing up to straighten her shawl. "I do not See why you must Misuse my abilities in this fashion!"

"Of course I care about Divination. I need to pass the class, don't I?" Regulus looked up at her incredulously. "And you're the one who offered your abilities to me in the first place."

Sibyll put her hand over her mouth in shock for a moment before dropping it. "How does one Not care about the most Delicate and Artful subject of Divination? What kind of Beast are you, Regulus Black, what kind of Beast?!"

"I just don't get Divination, all right? It's not a bloody crime for me to not be interested in whatever you're interested in. I'm not going to sit here and take this from YOU. If you're not really going to help me then I'm leaving," Regulus said, less than calmly. He stood up and glared at her some more just to make himself feel better.

"I Can not help you if you do not Try to Care!" Sibyll screeched, glaring back in what she hoped was an intimidating fashion.

Regulus crossed his arms over his chest again. "All right fine. I'll try to care! NOW will you finish reading my palm?" Regulus realised at this moment that between his cousins, Trelawney and that Skeeter girl he would never understand females.

Sibyll smiled rather pleasantly and flung herself at him, hugging him with full force. "Divination is in your Soul, Regulus Black, I sense it!" And with those words, she sat back once more and held out her hand. "I shall see what Type of Hand you have next. That is on the exam as Well!"

Regulus cringed as she embraced him. He was already tired of random people hugging him or invading his personal space. He sat back down and gave her his hand again. "All right. Isn't the exam on Friday?"

"It is Indeed." Sibyll replied wisely, glancing down at his hand. She tilted his hand this way and that before tapping his fingertips. "They suggest you lack creativity." She bit her lip in consideration. "I do not Know if you will be able to Woo Rita without creativity!"

"Trelawney. I don't want to woo anyone, least of all her. And I have plenty of creativity," Regulus was suddenly feeling a bit defensive but he kept his voice calm.

Sibyll leaned forward and tapped her chin in consideration. "Well why not? I Foresee love on February 14th and Rita is as Good as Anyone to fall in Love with! I do Not think so; your fingertips are Quite square indeed." She nodded firmly.

"I don't want to woo a Hufflepuff. That's why not," he said calmly, as though explaining something to a child. "And all right, my fingertips say I'm not very creative. What else do you see in my hand?" Regulus could get through this. He needed the tutoring, he told himself repeatedly.

"But she is Quite attractive and I am rather sure -- !" Sibyll leaned rather close as if telling a horrible and most shocking secret. "that she is extremely Easy." She leaned back with a satisfied smile and tapped the crease of his thumb. "This indicates that you have a Cruel streak."

Regulus made a strangled noise as he struggled to keep from laughing. He looked back down at his hand and tried to pay attention again. "A cruel streak? You already knew that about me though."

"Don't you find her Attractive?" Sibyll questioned cheerfully, sighing as she looked back down at his hand. "I do not Allow personal Thoughts to cloud the Judgement of the Palm!" she explained, sounding rather annoyed. She ran her finger across the middle of his palm. "This is the Plain of Mars. When overdeveloped, it shows that the Person in Question happens to have A Temper. Yours is rather overdeveloped."

"No I do not find her attractive. And yes, I have a temper. I suppose this Palmistry is actually pretty accurate," Regulus was fairly surprised at this fact. He'd read over the chapter on Palmistry enough to know she wasn't making at least half of this up.

"Of Course it is accurate." Sibyll snapped. "It is a facet of Divination and all Divination is accurate. There's a cross on your mount of apollo! Bad luck will Find you!" She sighed loudly and leaned back, pulling his hand back with her. "Of course you Find Rita attractive! You are simply denying It because you do not Wish to love a Hufflepuff. I See!"

Regulus had no choice but to lean forward a bit awkwardly. He tried to keep from scowling in annoyance. "I'm not here to talk about Hufflepuffs who have crushes on me. I'm here to let you tutor me."

"Actually, she Does not have any sort of Crush on you. I am simply Promoting the wonders of Love!" Sibyll answered simply, twisting his hand this way and that. "I am in Love with Gilderoy Lockhart, you know."

"That's...a good match," Regulus said truthfully, making an odd face then smiling in spite of himself. He wondered what exactly she was doing with his hand at this point and wasn't too appreciative.

"I don't Think he Loves me back. He is a Gryffindor and thus Very self involved, you Know." Sibyll sighed loudly. She tapped a loop on his hand. "Indicates Royal blood in the Family history."

Regulus grinned, his hand was rather intelligent, it seemed. "Of course it does. And I'm sure Lockhart would be thrilled to know you love him."

"I do Not think so." Sibyll frowned. "I think he is in Love with himself." With those words, she dropped his hand. "That's all I Foresee on the exam." she proclaimed. "I do Believe you will Pass if you were Listening at all."

"Thanks," Regulus said and stood up. He gave her a funny look before heading towards the exit.

"You're quite Welcome!" Sibyll called after him. "And do consider Dating Rita, won't You? You could perhaps Kiss her or even Hit her to show your interest. That is what Slytherins do, isn't it? Beat those that they Love!"

Regulus paused and turned to glare at her. "You're really lucky that I needed your help or else I'd be hexing you right now." And with that he stalked out of the room and back to the dungeons.
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