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Lily and Severus meet up in an empty classroom

Characters: Lily Evans and Severus Snape
Rating: PG?
Summary: Evans and Snape meet up in an abandoned classroom and a few secrets get spilled... by no doing of Ms Rita Skeeter

Lily lay lengthwise across a sofa in an abandoned classroom, her arms folded over her stomach. She appeared to have a very painful headache, or to be having a disturbing dream. In truth, she was concentrating. She'd left the door open in case any audible trouble was started in the halls, but she didn't have any intentions of going back to her patrol at the moment. Slowly, inch by inch, she began to rise into the air.

Severus, a touch worried from Bella's last owl, came walking through the halls. As he passed the doorway to a classroom, he caught, just from the corner of his eye, the sight of red hair. She was completely concentrating on the spell, laying there, hair drifting out beneath her, a few inches above the couch and he stopped short. Extremely quietly, he stepped forward to the door, and stood, watching her. She was gorgeous, and a tinge of guilt clicked in him for what he had called her the day before. If she hadn't insulted Bella in public, I wouldn't have, he thought to himself, his eyes still on her body.

She rose a few more inches, and her brow furrowed in utmost focus. A small black kitten mewed from nearby, attempting to scrabble up a nearby rickedy shelf of books. A moment later, the furniture creaked dangerously, and shelf fell in, causing the books to collapse and a cloud of dust to rise into the air. Lily fell to the sofa again instantly, and her eyes flew open. She looked a tad disoriented, and sat up, rubbing her temples with a wince as she looked around for the source of the noise.

Severus blinked over to the kitten and then turned his eyes back to Lily. She was absolutely gorgeous: a completely different beauty than Bella's dark almost moody and definately seductive looks. Lily had a completely different affect on him. He hesitated a moment, uncertain whether he should make his presence known. Finally he decided it was worth the risk. What was she going to do? Hex him?

'Good job,' he said quietly, stepping inside the classroom the rest of the way so that someone coming along the wall wouldn't see him talking to her.

Lily glanced up, and her confusion gave way to dark recognition. How dare he approach her? Did he think she'd forget what he'd said to her so easily? "Not bad for a Mudblood, is it?" She retorted coolly, rising and going over to place the heavy volumes in a stack on the floor. The kitten, which was hers, eyed Severus curiously with wide blue eyes from a corner.

Severus shifted uncomfortably a small frown crossing his face. 'No,' he said finally. 'It isn't. It was really good actually.' He glanced at the kitten. 'That yours?'

She didn't look at him, muffling a small sneeze. "Yes, she's mine. Her name is Artemis," she replied curtly, wondering why on earth he'd come in. "Did you want something?" She shoved the stack of books into a corner, where they'd be less likely to topple over.

'Not really, no,' he said tersely. 'I saw you practising and I stopped. I hadn't seen anyone doing levitation exercises for a while. Or really at all... Look, about the Mudblood thing.' He frowned. 'I didn't mean to upset you.'

"Well, you did. I may have been a bit out of line, calling you Snivellus, but it's a far cry from Mudblood. A VERY far cry." She held out her arms to the kitten, who trotted over cautiously. "But no matter. I overestimated you."

'A far cry in your eyes maybe,' he looked at her. 'You haven't been called... Don't you think you're not bothering to see things from my point of view. You publicly offended me and you didn't expect me to strike back?' He narrowed his eyes at her slightly. 'I thought you were smarter than that.'

"And I thought you were smarter than to wade into a verbal war," she snapped. "Especially one that involved me."

'Your point being?' He glared. 'You not only insulted me, but you dared take up with Bella, and what has she ever done to you anyway?'

"I 'dared' to? What do I look like, a peasant?" Her eyes flashed. "There is NO hierarchy among students as far as I'm concerned. And I don't like to see anyone being threatened, especially just for calling someone else a name. It isn't as if she has a right to act like she's above anyone else, and you don't have a right to act as if she does either!"

'What are you going to do? Be the savior of the Wizarding World? You've only been in it for six years,' he stood up and walked over towards her. 'You have no idea how things work here. Rita Skeeter is a nasty, meddling bitch, who's going to do nothing but cause people pain for the rest of her life, and if someone hexed her tongue out of her mouth and took her fingers away from her she'd STILL probably find someway to spread nasty gossip. You watch, it'll be about you next.'

"Skeeter is meddling," Lily agreed coolly. "And she already thinks I lust for inanimate objects. Unlike your dearest Bella, I don't see fit to make threats for it. In fact, I think the absurdity of it is funny."

"And don't tell me I don't know how things work here. Not everyone is overworked over a rumor."

'Lust for inanimate objects?' He raised his eyebrows, surveying her cooly. 'Doesn't particularly surprise me.'

"Yes, well, you can go ahead and spread that around more," she retorted. "I assure you, I can find things to care more about."

'Don't worry,' he said. 'I won't be spreading any such rumours. I say you were a well hidden Gryffindor slut, but I don't think you'd know what to do with a real man, so it'd be a ridiculous rumour to spread. Skeeter's 'inanimate objects' is far more likely.'

Lily's kitten squirmed as she laughed. "Is that supposed to be an insult? I wouldn't know 'what to do with a real man'?"

Severus narrowed his eyes uncertain if she was laughing at him or just the idea. 'It's not my fault if you're too dense to figure out what it means, Evans.' He said finally taking a step closer. 'Think on it a bit, why don't you?'

She didn't step away. Artemis clawed her way out of Lily's arms and ran into a corner. "Oh, I think I've already gotten what it means, Snape." She lifted her chin to glare up into his eyes. "It's a bit pathetic that you seem to be acquainted with 'experienced' girls. I didn't know slags interested you," she retorted.

'First off,' he said, his tone slightly dangerous. 'You have no proof that Bella's an 'experienced' girl. And secondly, who do you think DOES interest me?'

"First off," she replied coolly, "Skeeter wouldn't have half the inclination to call her experienced if she didn't dress so scantily. And secondly, I've no idea who interests you. I don't keep a mental tally of whom likes whom." Her hand rested over her wand pocket.

'Mere appearances,' he said quickly. 'Didn't I tell you everyone is a stereotype until you get to know them? So far as who interests me, maybe you should spend a little time figuring that out, Lily,' he raised his eyebrows at her smirking slightly. 'Good night.' He turned around, deliberately leaving his back to her as he walked back towards the door to the classroom.

Lily's emerald eyes widened at his retreating back. Her hand froze over her robe pocket. What had he just hinted? He- no, of course not. That was entirely absurd. But his expression...and he'd called her "Lily", not "Evans." She felt numb. In fact, she was too shocked to even snap at him and ask him what he was talking about. She knew already. This was definitely a there-are-no-words situation.

"Y-you ARE insane," Lily blurted out, still frozen in place. "D'you have any idea what my house would do to you if they saw even the slightest HINT of that? And YOUR house..."

He stopped. 'I'm sorry, Evans?' He turned back around, his eyes moving over her before locking with hers. 'Lacking a bit of bravery tonight are we?'

Her mouth opened and closed, but not sound came out. "I didn't hear that," she said finally. "I'd...your house would KILL me if they knew, or my house would kill you. Either outcome isn't favorable. And I don't know what possessed you to like a Mug- never mind." She swallowed.

'I think,' he said a smirk on his face. 'That your imagination is working over time. Maybe Skeeter is wrong and you don't just lust after inanimate objects. And,' he said, his tone slightly dangerous. 'I think this conversation never took place.'

"I already said that," she snapped. "And I think I know what I heard, Snape. Don't threaten me." Her eyes narrowed. "Go on, before I report you for being out afterhours."

'Certainly, Evans, you go ahead and do that if it'll make you feel better. Good night. Sweet dreams,' he smirked at her and then turned and strode out of the classroom without a second glance.
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