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Rudolphus/Severus/Bella Log

Characters: Rudolphus Lestrange, Severus Snape, and Bellatrix Black
Rating: PG-13 (teeniest bit of language)
Summary: Rudolphus and Severus do a midnight potions raid and run into Bella.

Rodolphus yawned and looked around the near-empty common room. He and Severus had agreed to meet at a quarter to twelve, and with just 3 minutes to go, the boy was already feeling tired. He got up from his place on the sofa and stretched his limbs carefully.

Severus stepped down the stairs from the dormitory, looked about the Common Room to find it mostly deserted except for a lone figure. He crossed and nodded to Rodolphus. 'Rodolphus,' he said quietly. 'You ready to do this?'

Rodolphus looked up at the older boy and nodded. "Yeah, let's go." He started towards the main entrance to the Common Room, secretly nervous but outwardly composed.

Wait,' Snape said. 'We go out like this, we'll be seen. Do you know a disillusionment charm?'

Rodolphus turned. Pointing his wand at Severus, he muttered a few words under his breath. "There, I think that did it," he said.

'Excellent,' Severus said quietly. 'Clearly you've been studying.' He pointed his own wand at Rodolphus and muttered the charm for Rodolphus as well.

'All right, plan is this, we stay absolutely as quiet as possible until we get to the Potions Classroom. The supplies we need are in the main cupboard behind the professor's desk and it's got some wards on it. Lucky for you,'

Severus smiled grimly although he knew Rodolphus couldn't see his smile. 'I did some extra work down there just last week so I should be able to get in still.'

"Right," Rodolphus said in a low voice. "I'll just follow you, then."

Severus stepped out into the hallway, glancing about and then moved off steadily down the corridor, hesitating before he turned the corner to peer out. Although the disillusionment charm would help keep them from being seen it wasn't fool proof. He wished for the hundredth time for a Invisability Cloak.

Bellatrix peered around a corner, looking quite angry. That blasted Seer and her little friend would pay. Hopefully the Potions classroom would hold enough supplies to really do some damage.

Rodolphus followed Severus down the corridor, pausing when the other boy peered around the corner. "Everything ok?" he whispered.

'Bella,' Severus whispered, wondering for a moment whether to say something to her or not. She wouldn't be able to see them. But she would be able to hear them.

Bellatrix looked a bit shocked by the whisper, looking around for the culprit quite frantically.

'Bella, its Severus,' he whispered, seeing her frantic look. 'We've got a disillusionment charm.'

She looked a tad embarassed, shrugging. "Oh. Where are you?" she whispered.

Rodolphus crooked an eyebrow. "What? Who are you talking to?"

'I told you,' Severus turned around. 'Bellatrix. We're over here by the wall, Bella. Rodolphus is with me,' he said quietly.

Bella walked over to the wall, not looking very confident.

As she came close enough, Severus reached out to touch her hand. 'Where are you going?' he whispered to her.

"The Potions classroom." She shivered at his touch, still in a state of shock.

'Us too,' he said. 'Lead the way and we'll follow you.'

She nodded heading in the direction of the classroom. Upon reaching it, she turned around. "Why are you two headed here?"

Severus opened the door and slipped inside, waiting for Rodolphus and Bellatrix to follow.

Rodolphus followed without comment, hoping that Bella wouldn't distract Severus and ruin the thing for him.

He closed the door and removed the disillusionment charm. 'We needed some potions materials,' Severus said quietly. 'Why are you here?'

Bellatrix followed, looking around with a hand on her hip. "Long story short, I got hacked off."

Rodolphus sniffed and walked around the classroom, towards the professor's desk.

'By what?' Severus glanced around the dim light of the classroom and followed Rodolphus. 'Don't touch the cabinet,' he said to the younger boy. 'I know the spell to break the lock.'

"Skeeter."She yawned, quirking a brow at Rodolphus.

Rodolphus turned his back and rolled his eyes. Show off. Just get the ingredients and let's go.

'Rita Skeeter?' Severus made a face. 'Bitch.' He pulled out his wand and waved it at the cabinet door, muttering the anti-ward charm under his breath. 'All right, we need some boomslang skin and I'm nearly out of Ginger root so let's grab a bit of that as well.'

"You mean you actually know what you're doing?"

Severus turned to look at Bella, 'Yes,' he said with a odd expression on his face. 'Rodolphus wanted a specific potion made, I didn't have all the ingredients so we're 'borrowing' what we need.'

Rodolphus gritted his teeth and watched as Severus took out the ingredients.

"Borrowing without permission."She nudged his arm."Aren't you the juvenile badboy."

Severus poured out a bit of the Ginger root into a smaller glass vial, corked it and then took several pieces of the boomslang skin and laid them out on the desk. He smirked slightly at Bella, 'Well I just consider it payment for services rendered really,' he grinned at her. 'I helped him quite a bit yesterday and didn't get a thing out of it-except knowledge, which granted, is useful.'

She'd better not be there when he brews the potion, at least.

Severus stepped away from the cabinet and looked at Bella. 'What did Skeeter do?' He asked her.

Bellatrix scowled. "The wench called me the slut of the Black family and threatened to report my threats."

'What! Bloody hell.' Severus scowled. 'That girl needs a good hexing. You're no slut, Bella.'

Rodolphus bit back a laugh.

"Well, you're probably the only one that would say that." Bellatrix glared at Rodolphus.

'Yes? Well everyone else is insane then,' Severus said emphatically. 'And whose opinion really matters here? Mine or that Hufflepuff Air head's?'

"Yours without competition."

'Well, then,' Severus squeezed her hand and turned back to the cupboard to grab another boomslang skin. 'All right, Rodolphus,' he turned back to the other boy, having forgotten he was there for a minute.

This is making me sick. Love-sick little puppies they are.

'I think that's everything WE need. Bella, did you need help with finding something?'

"Well, not really. I mainly came here to vent. I punched one of these walls, remember?" she joked, looking up at him."Unless you know of anything that would shut Skeeter up - for good."

Rodolphus tapped his foot impatiently on the stone floor.

Severus turned to glare at him. 'Problem Rodolphus?'

She glanced at Rodolphus. "Seeing as someone's quite annoyed by me, I'll leave."

Rodolphus gave them both an innocent look. "No, not at all."

'No, you don't need to leave, Bella,' Severus glared at Rodolphus. 'I'm doing Rodolphus here a favour. He can wait a few minutes if he needs to.'

"No, it's fine. I'll see you later, Severus." She ran a hand down his cheek, heading out of the classroom.

Now I'm in for it

Severus watched her go and then turned back around to Rodolphus. 'Do you want my help with this potion or not?' He said, his voice deadly calm.

"Yes, of course I do," he replied, avoiding Severus' look.

'Then you'll do what I say when I say it. And if we stop to do something else, you'll be patient. Clear?' Severus glared at the younger boy. For once, at least feeling as if he had some ammount of power over someone else in the house

Rodolphus shrugged. "Whatever you say, Severus."

Severus narrowed his eyes at Rodolphus and then continued. 'Fine then, take these,' he moved the ingredients across the desk. 'We'll go back to the dormitory and I have the rest of my potion ingredients there.'

Rodolphus gathered up the ingredients and cast the charm quickly on them both.

Severus recast the wards and then moved back towards the entrance to the classroom. He opened the door, glanced out into the hall and headed back towards the Slytherin dormitory.

Rodolphus followed the older boy back to the Slytherin quarters, without saying a word.

Severus said the password and walked back into the Slytherin common room, lifting his own wand and disillusioning himself. 'Ingredients, Rodolphus?' He said curtly, holding out his hand for the ingredients they'd 'borrowed'.

Rodolphus handed the ingredients to Severus, a sulky look on his face.

Severus narrowed his eyes at Rodolphus. 'You'd best hope I get this potion right,' he said with an edge to his tone. 'The memory potion is very much like the forgetting potion-just a few ingredients difference,' he smirked slightly.

Rodolphus swallowed. "I ... trust you. I'm going to bed now," he replied shortly, making his way past Severus and towards the 5th year boys' dormitory.

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