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Sibyll P. Trelawney

CHARACTERS: Sibyll Trelawney and Regulus Black.
SETTING: The North Tower.
SUMMARY: Sibyll attempts to tutor Regulus in Divination.
, going through various types of tea and china cups, lighting lavender incense and humming to herself. The Inner Eye was clearly something that must be alert at all times, and as she touched her temple she realised she could practically feel it abuzz! She stood in the middle of room and nodded to herself in satisfaction before sitting back to await the poor misguided Regulus child's arrival.

Regulus was not looking forward to this meeting with the "Seer". He made sure no one was in the common room before heading to the North Tower. Of course the staircases changed on him ...twice...and he had to take the longer back route to get there. He climbed the ladder into the North Tower room and sneezed. He gave Sibyll a bit of a glare. "All right, I'm here. Now what?" He sneezed again. It always took him a good ten minutes to get used to incense.

"Now you drink this tea!" Sibyll demanded, glancing down at the multiple cups upon the floor and finally choosing one decorated in light blue. Her bracelets jingled wildly as she moved and it was very much like a very annoying, very loud sled was in the room.

"Did you poison it?" he wrinkled his nose at the proffered cup, half out of disgust for being ordered to do something, half to keep from sneezing again.

"Why would I poison it?" she looked at him, placing her hand to her heart in shock. "The Sight informs me you are being skeptical once more!" She tapped her finger to her temple once more and looked at him seriously. "I am watching you."
Regulus accepted the cup and tentatively sipped it. "Happy now?"

"No!" Sibyll shrieked, sounding rather exasperated. She began to circle him like a vulture inspecting its prey. "Drink all of it so we can See what is going to happen in your Future!"

Regulus cringed a bit as she shrieked at him. What HAD he got himself into? "Stop ordering me around. And I thought you were supposed to be tutoring me, not looking into my bloody Future!" He took a drink of the tea anyway, telling himself that he was rather thirsty.

"I am tutoring you." Sibyll narrowed her eyes and tapped her lip, continuing her walk with her bangle bracelets clicking together all the way. "In the wonderful art of Divination!" And with that bit of information, she scowled and reached for one of the cups herself. She pressed it to her lips, tilted her head back and downed it in one sip before pulling Regulus's cup out of his hands and shoving her own into them. "What do you See, then?"

Regulus blinked. This girl really was too much. He shook his head in annoyance and looked into the cup. "Tea leaves."

Sibyll's mouth dropped open and she moved her hand to push it back into place. "You do not see tea leaves!" she snatched the cup back and looked down. "I see seven circles and a dot of heaven." she pressed her lips together in mild alarm and looked at him intently. "Do you know what that means?" she whispered.

" I brought my text book...would that help?" he offered. "And can I have my cup back now?"

"It means I will have angst and despair fills my life on the eighth!" Sibyll covered her face with her hands placed her cup down to the side. "Woe is me and my Sight! Woe is me!"
"Ya. Woe. Is that in the text?" Regulus raised an eyebrow at her dramatics.

Sibyll crossed her arms in front of her. "I have the Sight. Do you not understand the Sight?"

"I know what it is. We learned about that in third year Divination. I'm not stupid, Trelawney," Regulus was getting annoyed. He crossed his arms over his chest and gave her a glare.

She sighed dramatically and pulled the standard Divination textbook from behind the multiple cups of tea, rifling through it in mild calm as she sipped at another cup of tea. "What are you having such Trouble with then?"

"I guess my Sight isn't very strong or something," Regulus shrugged. He didn't care about the bloody 'sight' he just wanted to pass Divination! "I'm not very good at remembering what shapes in the tea leaves mean what. And I get a lot of the Minor Arcana mixed up when we do Tarot readings," he said boredly.

Sibyll blinked and tapped her fingers against her lips in contemplation before sighing loudly once more and rifling through the bag she had brought with her. A moment later, she emerged with a rather thick set of notes and shoved them at him. Each had a shape drawn on it and a small explanation. "These shall help Clear your Sight!" she announced, nodding.

"Do I have to read all of these?" he looked down at the notes he was now holding with a look of disgust. He hated studying. "You're sure that this is the only way to 'clear my sight'?"

"Or," Sibyll leaned forward until her face was only an inch away from his. "We could pour burning hot tea into your Eyes to help burn away all that has been clouding your Sight."

Regulus leaned back and reflexively reached into his robe pocket for his wand. "WHAT? You dare threaten me!?"

Sibyll looked at him and placed her hand to her face in alarm. "It's an old method that my great-grandmother who was also a Seer, I might add, taught me!"
"Well I'll have nothing poured in my eyes, thank you!" he growled, seriously annoyed. He shoved the notes she'd handed him into his bag. "I'll read the notes. Now did you want to read my bloody tea leaves or not?" he waved his hand at his half empty cup, expecting her to hand it to him again.

"Fine!" Sibyll shrieked, snatching the cup and twisting it in her hands. "You shouldn't be so rude to someone who can See all."

Regulus rolled his eyes. "Trelawney. I didn't mean to be rude. Please stop screeching like that," he paused to sneeze again. He held out his hand, calmly. "You can't See anything if you don't let me drink the tea."
"Oh. Right." she nodded sullenly and passed the cup back to him, shaking her wrists in the process and causing another medley of sound,

Regulus took the cup and drank the rest of the tea. He knew he was about to hear more rubbish about his spider related death. "Alright. My Future then?" he asked after passing her the cup again.

Sibyll opened her mouth to speak almost as soon as she looked down at the tea cup but she closed her mouth just as quickly. A moment passed and she remained still. Finally, she moved, standing up quickly and the cup fell from her hands. It shattered on the ground. She still said nothing, her gaze shifting from the broken shards of the cup to Regulus.

"Not more spider webs, is it?" Regulus said grumpily. He looked down at the broken china, then back up at Sibyll. "You should fix that."

Sibyll pressed her lips together in alarm and then reached forward, hugging the poor dear Slytherin child rather tightly. "I've Seen it and you don't want to Know, I promise you this." And with that, she let go and pulled her wand from her pocket to repair the cup.

Regulus was not at all pleased about randomly being hugged by this girl. Except she wasn't that bad looking...for a Ravenclaw. And a mental case. "Oh come on. You can tell me. I already know anyhow. Choking to death on spider webs."

Sibyll blinked and shoved the repaired tea cups into the table upon which they belonged, reaching forward to grab the incense sticks and blow them out. She smiled blankly and walked past him. "Good night!" she tapped her forehead as if to remind him of her Inner Eye and walked out of the classroom without a second glance.

Regulus blinked a few times before throwing his hands up in a very angry gesture after she left. "That's what I get for associating with psychopaths! I must be losing it," he chided himself before leaving the classroom and making his way back to the dungeons.
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