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Bella and Snape RP Log

CHARACTERS: Bellatrix Black and Severus Snape
SETTING: Hospital Wing
SUMMARY: Severus visits Bella in the hospital wing, takes her chocolate and discovers an interesting little piece of information

Severus ran his fingers nervously through his hair, grimacing at how limp it was hanging. No matter how he cleaned it, it just hung half heartedly and wouldn't really do anything. He reached the hospital wing doors and straightened his robes, pushing the door open and stepping into the room. His eyes rested on Bellatrix on a bed across the room and he smiled nervously and walked towards her, 'Bellatrix, Hi.'

"Hello, Severus."Bellatrix sat up, glad he had made it. She bit her lower lip as her gaze hovered on him for a second, then moved to the floor.

Severus stuck his hand in his pocket and his eyes widened as he did so, 'Oh,' he said, pulling out a rather crinkled looking chocolate wrapper and handing it over to her. 'It's honeydukes, I had some in my trunk, thought youmight, I don't know... like it.'

A small grin tugged at her lips as she glanced at the chrocolate wrapper, graciously taking it."Thank you."

'Not a problem,' he said shaking his hair out of his eyes and standing awkwardly by her bed. 'How are you feeling?'

"Awful,"Bella stated with simplicity, smirking."I can't complain, though."

'I'm sorry,' Severus shrugged then with a slight note of concern in his voice asked, 'Why did you hit your hand against the wall Bella?'

"I love the way you made it sound like it was an accident."She scoffed."I'm not really sure what made me do that. I was just frustrated and didn't know what to do, so I hit the wall. I didn't exactly help matters, much to my amazement. I was just having a bad day. Still am, actually. I was just so confused as to what to do."

'About what?' he asked, unclear what would be so bad to make her slam her fist into a hard wall.

"About everything,"she muttered, looking away from him.

'Oh,' he said. Really uncertain what to say to that. 'Can I help at all? Or, I could just stand here... being helpless. I guess.'

"I doubt it. It'll be better after I speak with the Dark Lo--,"she cut off, biting her lip once more."Forget what you may think I was about to say."

'I live in Knockturn Alley, Bella,' he said looking at her strangely. 'I know when to keep my mouth shut.'

"I know you do. Sorry. I just got a little uptight. Forgive me?"

'Yeah,' he said simply, shrugging slightly. 'No problems. Are you really meeting with who I don't think you're talking about?'

"Do you honestly think I'd lie about something like that?" she questioned, playing it off as though it were nothing out of the ordinary.

'No,' he said. 'It's just not many people have had that honour,' a sigh escaped his lips. Of course Bella would though. Who was he kidding anyway? To get where he wanted to be, to be recognized at all, he was going to have to do much much better on his NEWTs he was going to have to really make himself indiscpensible to people like Malfoy and the Black's or he wouldn't have a chance... He was smart. He could do it. But... 'That's really good,' he nodded to her.

"It is?"She tilted her head, oblivious to the great honour. Bellatrix was too young to fully comprehend, all she knew as that she wanted to be a part of Voldemort's inner circle, and would do anything to accomplish such.

'Well, yeah,' he said. 'A lot of people would give pretty much anything to have that opportunity and you're really young. It's great.'

She nodded, comprehending. "I suppose so." Bellatrix looked up at him, surprised he'd know much of the sort. He didn't exactly seem like that type.

'So... what's confusing you then? I mean... that isn't what's confusing you is it? Or is it? Or if I'm being nosy, just tell me to sod off,' he smiled uncertainly.

"That isn't what's confusing me. I'm not at all worried about it. It's just random things that are getting to me when they really never irked me before. Then, I end up puching a wall."Bellatrix glanced at the bruised knuckles, grinning.

'Right,' he said. Well of course she didn't want to TELL him what was bothering her. This was Bellatrix Black after all and he was Severus Snape and he should remember that. He half grinned. 'You shouldn't make a habit of that though.'

"Trust me, it's not on my to-do list. I guess I got a bit carried away in my thoughts, that's all."

'Well, your hands are too pretty to scar them up like that,' he said without thinking. 'You should find other ways to take care of your frustrations.'

She looked a bit taken aback, then shrugged."Would you rather me strangle someone?"

'No,' although a smile played at his lips. 'Well, if it's that cousin of yours or any of his git friends, that'd be all right.'

"I doubt I'd be able to contain my frustration long enough to get to them, that's the issue."

'Well,' he smiled broadly. 'It was worth asking anyway.'

Bellatrix grinned."I'll attempt to reserve my anger just for them. Aren't they priviledged?"

'Absolutely. Of course, as usual, they won't realize it,' he grinned back at her and sort of sat down on the edge of her bed. 'How long will you be up here? Do you need me to bring up your schoolwork or anything like that?'

"Merlin, Severus! I hope I'm not up here that long! It's only minor."She gave him a light, playful nudge with her foot.

He felt his cheeks heat up slightly as she nudged him and he nodded. 'Just checking!' He protested. 'I know how Madam Pomfrey can be.'

"Yeah. She's insufferable."

'I'm glad you'll be back soon though,' he gave her a smile. He looked down at his shoes and realized they were scuffed and he frowned slightly, kicking them back as far under the bed as his feet could go and him still be upright. 'Will you be all right though? I mean, not your hand, just... with everything else?'

"I'm hoping I will. Thanks for your concern. If you need anything at all, let me know."

'Yeah,' he nodded, standing up. 'I will,' he said, feeling as if he was supposed to be the one saying that to her. 'I guess I shouldn't keep you though. I mean... you should rest or whatever...'

"I guess. I don't need too much rest. I think I learned my lesson."She grinned.

'Good,' he said, pushing his hair back behind his ear. 'Good. I'm glad. I'd hate to see you ruin your hand further.'

"So would I. It doesn't feel too pleasant."Bellatrix winked, releasing a small chuckle.

'Well, hopefully you'll have more pleasant experiences soon,' he said grinning back. 'And none that aren't.'

"I hope that happens."

'It will,' he said with certainly. 'I mean, you deserve that Bella,' he flushed. 'I'll talk to you later,' he turned and started walking towards the Hospital Wing exit.

"Goodbye, Severus,"she called after him, actually sounding happy for once.

He turned and waved slightly then ducked his head shyly and exited the wing, heading back to his dorm room, lost in thought.
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